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Simple Arithmetic  

a right hand pointing chapbook

States of Red and Blue

a right hand pointing chapbook

Journeying with the Owl

a right hand pointing chapbook

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Ten Ways of Looking at an Earthworm

a right hand pointing chapbook


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Boiling It Down: the Electronic Chapbooks of Larry D. Thomas is a collection of all fifteen of my electronic chapbooks.  Here is the book’s listing at Amazon:

Although the publisher is Blue Horse Press, it is available for order only at Amazon.

The Innkeeper

"Larry D. Thomas's The Innkeeper is not only a meditation on darkness and light but a riveting trip through the raw beauty and desolation of far West Texas.  As the fictional innkeeper grapples with his own mortality and new starting places, the reader tours the spiritual and desert landscapes with one of the Lone Star States's most significant voices.  In the end, one realizes that Thomas not only respects the land but, in a sense, has become it, and for a poet that's the highest calling of all."

Lawrence Welsh, author of Begging for Vultures

NOTE: Available through Mouthfeel Press at

Announcing the release of a revised and expanded print edition of my chapbook, The Circus, by Blue Horse Press (publisher of the San Pedro River Review).  Several of the twenty-two poems in the collection were first published by Right Hand Pointing in 2008 as an e-chapbook.  The book is available for purchase at

“For years, Larry D. Thomas has been a contemporary master of the precise image, but with this new collection, we discover that he is also ringmaster and clown, lion-tamer and lion. In poems as well-honed as the knife-thrower’s blade and as minutely accurate as his aim, this exceptional book honors well both its overt subject, the circus, and its implied subject, the making of art. These poems are infused with the high danger of artistic enterprise and should be approached with caution: their stark beauty cuts deep.”

Benjamin Myers, Oklahoma Poet Laureate

The Goatherd


WINNER: 2015 Western Heritage Wrangler Award

(National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum)

Available through Mouthfeel Press at

Art Museums

The Red, Candle-lit Darkness

Now in an online edition at Right Hand Pointing